We now have a Full Line of Angelus Leather Paints and Other Great Angelus Products!

Cindy Gano2 comments

Do you have an old handbag or those old Nikes that you can't seem to part with but they're just there sitting in your closet???....


Recycle your old leather products by giving them a new look with the Angelus Leather Paints! We have all 79 brilliant colors in stock and best of all, you can mix any of the colors to create your own shade! The formula is made to not crack or peel when prepped and applied properly. Angelus Leather Paint is water-based for an easy clean-up!

If you would rather have a more permanent color, try the Leather Dye which are industry strength dye and is easy to apply. Perfect for decorating and staining smooth leather, vinyl or anything permeable. It will not rub off, peel or crack once it's dried.

Lastly, finish off your paint job with the top coat of your choice. We have a range from Matte to High Gloss Finish depending on your needs.  Start on your project today!

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