$ 17.95

Open Fly? 
Busted Buttons? 
Gaping Shirt?

The solution is Attaché: instant button attacher.

If you need to make quick clothing repairs, Attaché is for you. Button fell off as you are racing out the door? Just stick Attaché through the buttonhole & fabric and pull the trigger. Bang! The button is reattached. Attaché also can make a quick hem, can reattach broken straps, can keep a button-up shirt closed, and can mark clothes to show which ones belong to you. You can leave the attacher there indefinitely, or just cut if off when needle and thread (and time) are readily available. If you are in need of a more permanent and nicer-looking fix, try our Fashion Staple stitching stapler.

Tips for success:
Do not attempt to remove the needle by changing the lever to "on"
Ensure the needle is all the way through the fabric and button and flush against the Attaché gun.
The barbs will likely break if the needle is bent or if inserted through a tight button opening.

  • Includes 100 clear and 100 black 5mm nylon attachers. Refills available.
  • Unit measures approximately 5 x 5 x 0.75" (12 x 12 x 2 cm) and attachers are 1/4" (5mm) long.
  • Made in China

WATCH THIS VIDEO from Fashion First Aid on How to use a button attacher with Attache by Fashion First Aid


$ 17.95

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