$ 10.00

For ultimate comfort when wearing a bra, slip your bra straps into these soft silicone cushions.

The Braza Bra team recently improved this product by adding little grooves inside the cushions.
Your bra strap sits on these little grooves and prevents the cushion from sliding around and ending up in your lap like the similar products without the grooves.
Protection from painful bra strap 'tug'.
Prevents (and eliminates) deep shoulder grooves caused by the 'tug' on your straps.
Stays in place while other similar looking products without grooves slide around.
Can often prevent headaches caused by stress on your shoulders....really!
100% Silicone

Contains 1 pair

If you prefer a 'fabric' cushion, check out the Braza CUSH-EEZ cushions.

    $ 10.00

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