$ 3.00

Look Sharp & Professional with Collar Styx

Now there is CollarSTYX to keep your collar looking fresh and under control even at the end of a hot humid day on the links.

No matter how difficult the course or how stressful the office gets, your collar doesn't have to show it.
Get CollarSTYX and be a player who can finish with class.

Eliminates curling on golf shirt collars and keeps dress shirt collars, particularly button down dress collars fresh. Residue free adhesive. CollarSTYX works for almost all shirt collars and can be trimmed to fit even the most unusually shaped collar.

Directions: Apply to underside of collar. CollarSTYX instantly presses your collar and keeps it that way all day. Remove before washing.

Remove and reused 4-10 times.

CONTAINS: 6 pairs per package

$ 3.00

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