$ 14.00

The easy fifteen-second wash that extends the life of your hosiery. Why a special wash for hosiery?

Each time you launder your hosiery with soap or detergent, especially in a washing machine, the nylon fibers deteriorate.
Weakened fibers are more susceptible to runs, snags, and sagging.
Hosiery Mate is a gentle one-step wash that cleans, conditions, and deodorizes hose in just three minutes.
This unique, patented formula also strengthens and softens delicate fibers to prolong wearlife.
Also eliminates static cling and preserves elasticity and color.
You will love the silkier feel and lavender scent of your cleaner, fresher hosiery after this treatment. 

Available in: 16 Fl Oz.

$ 14.00

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