The Bra Strap Concealer

The pin attaches the clip to your garment and the clip allows you to slip your strap in and out of confinement easily. Best of all, you can leave Strap Tamers® in your clothing wash after wash! The clips stay in place, ever ready to tame your straps, and they're inexpensive enough to put in all of your favorite sleeveless clothes.

Response to Strap Tamers® has been overwhelming as they are quickly becoming a “basic” of modern feminine attire.
  • Comfortable - Put an end to that annoying sensation of slipping straps. Strap Tamers® measure just 1 1/8 inches long and are made of smooth plastic.
  • Easy-Just Clip, Slip, and Go! Pin to inside shoulder seam, slip bra strap into clip and go!
  • Laundry-safe / Reusable - Strap Tamers® can be left on clothing while laundered again and again. Whenever you wear that garment, the Strap Tamers® are already in place, waiting for you (not recommended for dry cleaning).
  • Durable - Made from durable high tech plastic (Polycarbonate, the same material used for “bullet proof glass”) and fine gauge stainless steel (which won't leave rust marks or large pin holes on fine clothing.)
  • Versatile - From eveningwear to active wear, Strap Tamers® are perfect anytime you want your straps to stay in place and they are inexpensive enough to place in all of your favorite clothes!
  • Reusable/Economical- Because they'll last for years, they're a great value.
  • Proven- Since 2006, women around the world have fallen in love with this hassle-free way to hide bra straps.
Other great uses:
  • Strap Tamers have also been used to hold up strapless styles by pinning Strap Tamers clip to ​the interior side seams of the garment and slipping clip over the side edge of a strapless bra.
  • ​​Many women, especially those who are pregnant, buy Strap Tamers so they can loosen their straps and improve circulation.
  • Joggers use them to hold headphone cords out of the way.
  • While we have received many positive responses regarding our product, we are especially touched by the kind words from women who have sloped shoulders, are elderly or have limited mobility. They find Strap Tamers® to be the only solution that works well for them.
STEP 1:  Pin Strap Tamers® to inside shoulder seam of garment with clip opening facing neck of garment. (For boatneck styles, reverse clip direction.)
STEP 2:  With garment on and Strap Tamers® in place, slip bra strap into the clip. Adjust for comfort.
Note ​:
  • Strap Tamers are just over an inch long so for best look, shoulder seam should be slightly wider than Strap Tamer.
  • ​​​Though Strap Tamers are laundry-safe, it is recommended you remove them prior to having your clothes dry-cleaned.

Contains: 6 pins

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