$ 2.75

Easily makes sharply defined bright marks on any type of metal surface.

  • Ball Point Paint Marker. 
  • Withstands oil, grease, and rubbing without losing legibility or brightness. 
  • Precision stainless steel ball mechanics. 
  • Formulated to remain legible and lasts longer than others.
  • Ink withstands all laundering, dry cleaning & bleaching process.
  • Rugged aluminum body 
  • Rubber bulb flow control 
  • High Visibility 
  • Mark cold surfaces or oily surfaces. 
  • Can be used to permanently mark glass, concrete, lumber, plywood, plastic pipes, plastic laminates, concrete and paper products.

Available in Red 

Regular Price: $5.50  Clearance Price: $2.75

$ 2.75

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