$ 60.00 USD


 *For Professional Use Only*

  • Made without glycerin to create the wet look without the eye sting. Use this if applying to an actor's face. 
  • To create droplet effects close-ups, you can coat the skin with an oily substance (like sunscreen), then spray a diluted solution of UltraWet™ or UltraSweat™ 
  • Wipes off easily. Washes off with plain water.
  • Non-toxic
  • Not recommended to use on foam models.
  • Available in 8 oz pump spray or 16 oz tub
Sweat Spray (8 oz):  A temporary spray-on Sweat effect for sets. Comes in a pump-type spray bottle. Water-based. Non-Toxic. Use on waterproof sets. (Similar to Wet Spray except without Glycerin so as to avoid eye sting)
  • Great for simulating frosted bathroom mirrors.
      WARNING: May cause staining of porous surfaces. (Does not stain people.)

UltraSweat (16 oz):   

  • A thick gel that creates super smooth, wet-look effects on skin, hair, clothing, foam creatures and sets.
  • You can apply it in either a thick or thin layer. Add water to thin it down.


    sweat droplet on face