$ 4.50 USD

Stain Devils® work harder because each one is specifically tailored to a particular stain.
Most stains are too stubborn for multi-use pre-wash products. 
Check out our complete CARBONA® STAIN DEVILS® line, with 9 specific formulas to remove more than 120 stains!

 Check out the Stain Chart image for specific stains to suit your needs.

#1 - for glue, gum, nail polish

#2 - for ketchup, mustard, and chocolate

#3 - for ink and crayon

#4 - for blood and dairy

#5 - for fat and cooking oil

#6 - for make-up, dirt, and grass

#7 - for motor oil and lubricant

#8 - for wine, tea, coffee, and juice

#9 - for rust and perspiration

Net Weight: 1.7 fl Oz.