$ 30.00 USD

Gaffers Tape is a vinyl coated cloth tape that works like Duct Tape without the sticky residue.

  • P-628 Professional Grade
  • Matte finish prevents unwanted light reflection and glare. 
  • High Tack, Tensile Strength & Holding Power.
  • Vinyl-coated cloth tape allows for straight tears by hand and direct printing by pencils, ink and markers.
  • Residue-free adhesive allows for easy removal. 
  • Water resistant
  • Durable & conformable
  • Can also be used for protection and book-binding, color-coding, labeling and stage marking
  • Lengths Available: 54.6 yd
  • Widths Available: 2.83 in

Storage & Usage Conditions: Tape should be stored in it's original packaging in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight & should be used within 12 months. Surfaces to which tape is applied should be clean, dry & free of grease, oil or other contaminants.



  • Backing: Matte-finish coated cloth
  • Adhesive: Synthetic rubber adhesive
  • Liner: NA

Properties & Technical Data

Property Standard Metric
Adhesion to Stainless Steel 75 oz/in width 8.21 N/10 mm
Elongation 4% 4%
Service Temperature Range 50 F to 180 F 10 C to 82 C
Tensile 50 lbs/in width 87.6 N/10 mm
Thickness 10.75 mils

0.27 mm