$ 9.50 USD


  • On-The-Go wipes for stain treatment & hand washing.
  • Perfect for your home, car, office, when traveling or at school.
  • Removes Sharpie, wash hands, ink/dye, scuffs, crayon and much more!
  • Safe to use on all non-porous surfaces: 
    • Fabric, skin/hands and surfaces
    • Wood Furniture & Hardwood floors
    • Auto upholstery, canvas, leather* (*must test for colorfastness before use)
    • Whiteboards & smartboards
    • Walls, cabinets, appliances, flooring, counters
    • Laminates, tile, metals, plastic, rubber & More!
  • Effectively removes: 
    • Grease, oils, tar, nail polish, paint
    • Food like berries, wine, food coloring, and curry
    • Dyes, makeup, clay, scuff marks
    • All inks including Sharpie, Expo, and permanent markers
  • Skin & Hands: Rub Stain wipe then rinse

*NOTE: Applying another cleaning agent (even water) before using this can set stains and reduce its effectiveness