$ 21.57 USD

Ideal for Angelus Acrylic Paints!

Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint is the highest quality paint for sneaker customization, so why not use premium brushes made exclusively for it?

Angelus Micro Detail Paint Brush Set contains the professional grade tools you need for fine detail work on any project.

Included in this set:

  • 0 Round:  longer bristles for extremely fine detail in tight spots
  • 0 Angular: for tidy spots. Get closer to areas using an angle
  • 0 Shader: for shading & filling in small spaces
  • 0 Spotter:  for line drawing & micro details  
  • 0 Filbert: this is a versatile brush in a mini form

Made with synthetic fibers, these brushes perform exceptionally well when paired with Angelus Acrylic Paints.  The numerous soft fibers allow for longer, more satisfying strokes with minimal brush strokes left behind.