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      • one 12 oz concentrate makes either 1 gallon or four 32 oz bottles. 
      • Directions: Must be diluted with water (do not use original strength). 
      • Fill the 3oz measuring cup (included) with concentrate into any empty clean 32 oz spray bottle. 
      • Slowly fill bottle with clean water. 
      • To make 1 gallon, empty entire concentrate content into gallon jug and fill with water. 
  • Powerful, organic odor eliminator that works by breaking down and neutralizing foul odors without fragrances. Contains no man-made chemicals, no enzymes or alcohol that can cause allergic reactions. 
  • Safe for use on costumes and clothing, footwear, hats and helmets, foam, felt, neoprene, carpeting, and upholstery.
  • Formulated to remove all odors in costumes. Will not harm or discolor fabrics
  • Approved for use by Universal Studios and Disney, B.O.B has been used on costumes in over twenty feature films.

Available in:

  • 12 Oz. Concentrate *NEW*
  • 32 Oz. (non-concentrate)

Additional empty 32oz Spray bottles available to purchase here