$ 12.00 USD


There’s no point in showing off that tight fitting new outfit if your panty lines show through!
NO MORE PANTY LINES is a great new solution to an age-old problem.
Your customers can simply stick in place and be the belle of the ball.

Comfortable, easy to use, easy to remove, and reusable up to twenty times.
It’s like going commando!

Color: Black

Material: 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex, 100% Cotton Crotch
Adhesive: 100% Silicone Acrylic Adhesive


  • XSMALL/SMALL - 0-6 
  • MEDIUM - 8-10 
  • LARGE/XLARGE   - 12-18


The original version had a reusable adhesive that could be used, usually up to 20 times by washing the product after each use.
The new version can also be used up to 20 times. However, It comes with 20 sets of double sided tapes. After each use, remove the old tape, hand wash, air dry the product, and apply a new set of tapes.
The benefit of this version is that the tapes are more secure and you are guaranteed 20 uses (which is not always possible with the original reusable version).