$ 7.50 USD


Carbona® Color Grabber™ with Microfiber protects laundry from color runs or bleeds.  By absorbing loose dyes in the water, Color Grabber does more than maintain your laundry’s true hues – it lets you wash mixed colors with confidence. Use in front- or top-load washing machines.

  • Prevents color run accidents
  • Protects colors so clothes look new longer
Product Size - 30 In-Wash Sheets

Stain Removal Tips

  1. In a HURRY? Now you can wash colors and whites together with Carbona Color Grabber™ with Microfiber – no more pink underwear, and SAVE ENERGY – SAVE TIME – SAVE MONEY!

  2. New colored clothes should always be washed separately up to 5 times, as excessive dye may be released

  3. When using a front loading washing machine, place Color Grabber with Microfiber in a mesh bag as recommended by machine manufacturer for small items to prevent from clogging in the water pump.