A fresh approach at keeping clothes make-up free.

Quality disposable makeup masks used by make up artists & costumes departments as well as individuals.

Each 9" X 6" X 2.5" box contains soft, breathable, one-by-one retrievable, and very easy to use disposable makeup masks. Use it at home or a dressing room, or whenever you need to change.

  • Prevents cosmetics and facial oils from coming into contact with clothing slipped over the person's head
  • Resolves the problem of soiling garments unintentionally while trying garments on
  • Protects ear jewelry from being loosened, removed and lost while garments are being tried on
  • Has simple, seamless, and disposable construction that is easily placed on and removed from the face
  • Is extremely light in weight, breathable, and hygienic
  • Your makeup stays untouched & your clothing remains clean.
  • Products are designed, engineered, and assembled in the United States.

Contains: 1 Box ( 9" X 6" X 2.5" ) with 25 masks

$ 13.00

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