$ 65.00 USD


  • Crate orders may require up to four additional business days to process. Please plan accordingly.
  • Orders over 20 E-crates or 40 D-crates (and certain combinations in quantity) cannot be placed on the website. These must be called in or e-mailed in. If in doubt, please reach out to us.
  • If you would like to ship crates on your FedEx account and need to remove the shipping charges before you place the order instead of after, please reach out to us directly.

About the Crates:

  • Designed to transport costumes, set decorations, prop, etc.    
  • Includes heavy duty straps for convenient handling 
  • Sturdy and Easy to unload
  • Sold New, Used**, Lid Only,  or Defectives***
  • Comes Pre-Assembled Flat
  • Dimensions: 40" x 28" x 24" cardboard box (14.7 cubic feet)

Need accessories for your E Crates? We also have Extra Heavy Duty Cable Ties & Crate Liner.  

 ** USED CRATES: Due to limited supply, please email /call for availability. 

***MANUFACTURE DEFECTS:  These accidental errors occur during the manufacturing phase.  Through quality control, we weed out those crates that are not up to our standards and sell them at a discounted rate.  Most defects are minor and crates are still fully functional. Due to limited supply, please email/call for availability.