$ 8.00 USD

Want more Realistic Effects?!

  • More realistic than paint, Earth Colors™ Liquid Pigment colors rocks, terrain and plaster castings.
  • Limitless combinations by diluting & blending the water-soluble pigments.
  • Undercoat Pigment provides a base coat of color over white Plaster Cloth and other plaster products.
  • This is the perfect base color under low ground covers, such as Fine and Blended Turf!
  • Specially formulated for coloring plaster, Plaster Cloth and Talus!
  • Water-Soluble
  • Create Custom Colors
  • Non-Toxic
  • Net Weight: 4 Fl Oz. in Black, Burnt Umber, Concrete, Raw Umber, Slate Gray, Stone Gray, White & Yellow Ocher
  • Net Weight: 8 Fl Oz. in Earth Undercoat & Green Undercoat


Apply full-strength for opaque coating. For a lighter color, dilute with water. To lighten color on plaster castings, floodspray with hot saltwater (1 tsp salt in 6 fl oz hot water).