$ 12.50 USD

  • Professional grade
  • Fast & Effective Leather & Suede shoe stretch spray
  • 6.5 oz


  • Spray Kelly's shoe stretch on the inside of the shoe 2-3 times, then on the outside about 3-4 times at 4" distance.
  • Allow the point, the heel, & the width of the shoes to be evenly coated in the material.
  • Let sit for 1-2 minutes then insert your foot for warmth to activate Shoe Stretch and to begin the stretching process.
  • For Best Results, use this product in conjunction with a shoe stretcher.
  • After allowing the spray to absorb into the shoe stretcher, then allow to sit overnight.
  • This product is specifically designed for leather & suede shoes, but can also be sued for sneakers & sandals.
  • Results may vary based on type of material.
  • Repeat this process as many times as necessary until the desired results have been achieved.