$ 25.00 USD

Specialty Movie Paint products to create realistic effects both on & off camera!

  • Movie Paint Products are specially designed for the professional scenic or set painter of the entertainment industry.
  • General aging and touch-up of sets and props.
  • Designed for use by professionals.
  • Spray to add richness and character to your scene.
  • You can turn Bright shiny metals to dull & tarnished, new wood to centuries old wood, or photos just taken/documents just written to archival quality.
  • Best of all, it washes off nonporous surfaces with warm soapy water so that rented items may be returned to original condition. (*Exception: Chroma Key Green & Cobweb are Permanent Formulas)

      *Please read directions carefully. *Not designed for cosmetic use*

      *Ships Ground Only*

      AGING SPRAYS (temporary formula; only available in 11oz can):

      • BEIGE - a raw umber & white mix used to take down the brightness/newness of surfaces, giving a slightly washed-out look
      • BLACK - like Krylon ultra flat black, but more tanslucent
      • BROWN RUST - a burnt umber & burnt sienna mix simulating typical rust on lighter colored surfaces
      • DIRT- a cool brown or raw umber translucent color used to simulate age
      • DULLING SPRAY - used to take down the shine of chrome or other highly glossy surfaces
      • NICOTINE- a dusky yellow or raw sienna translucent color to simulate an older, more tobacco-coated age
      • ROTTENSTONE- made from actual rottenstone, this translucent color is best sprayed on exterior 
      • RED RUST - a burnt sienna & raw sienna mix that looks best on darker surfaces (i.e black pipe)

        CHROMA KEY GREEN (permanent formula; available in 11 oz can):
        • formulated to make objects disappear on camera; match Chroma Green fabrics, paper, card stocks, and Roll On Paint.
        • semi-translucent, we recommend using primer as an undercoat.