$ 17.95 USD

  • NakeFit is an adhesive sole that is enabling people around the world with the comfort & luxury of walking barefoot, while still protecting their feet! 
  • Easy-on and easy-off solution, in just a few seconds people can apply the NakeFit sole and enjoy the freedom of walking barefoot.
  • Can be used on many environment like Yoga, walking, hiking, going to the beach or even to the spa. 
  • Built to remain durable on different types of street paving and help people avoid skin abrasions on the bottom of their feet. 
  • Waterproof, which make them the preferred "shoewear" option for a day in the swimming pool or at a water park. 
  • Technology assists in protecting the feet of children from dangerous slips.
  • Available in Black
  • Comes with 3 pairs
  • Made in Italy

Best Practices:

  1. Make sure your skin is intact, stretched and dry.
  2. Apply exclusively on soles (not suitable for other body parts)
  3. Handle product with clean, dry hands. DO NOT apply on wounds.
  4. For best results, apply NakeFit 30 mins prior to any water-related environment.
  5. Remove product gently and follow instructions on packaging.
  6. Single Use and should be disposed after use.