$ 60.00 USD


Simply put, the Original PEET Dryer has no bells or whistles — it just works — really well.

It dries your footwear naturally, with gentle, thermal convection.

With the Original PEET Dryer, you’ll enjoy absolutely silent operation. You may not even realize that it’s on, but it’s completely safe to leave the Original PEET Dryer plugged in all the time — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — in fact, we recommend it.

The Original PEET Dryer makes a great place to store footwear that gets damp because you wear it regularly – like your winter boots, “mud” boots or athletic shoes.

In addition to removing wet & sweat, PEET drying technology thwarts the growth of contaminants that cause premature deterioration of gear.

In the process, odor-causing bacteria is neutralized so your footwear doesn't smell.

Ideal for all types of materials including high-performance fabrics like GORE-TEX.

Power: 36 Watts 

Uses 110V-120V U.S household current