$ 40.00 USD

Stretching Directions:

  1. Determine the area that needs stretching.
  2. Insert the bunion attachment in the corresponding hole in the stretcher. (If the whole high heel needs more width, use the stretcher without the bunion attachment.)
  3. Insert the stretcher into the high heel and turn the handle clockwise until the stretcher has expanded against the sides of the heel. 
  4. Slowly turn the handle clockwise by no more than 2 turns. 
  5. Leave in under tension overnight. 
  6. Try the shoe on and if more relief is needed, repeat the process.
  • Contains only 1 stretcher.
  • Works for both Left or Right feet.

                                 Approximate fitting chart

Women's High Heel Shoe Size:             Stretcher Size:

4.5 to 6                                                              3

6.5 to 8                                                              2

8.5 and up                                                         1