$ 17.00 USD

It's important to replace the needle on tagging guns to ensure that they work properly.

You never have to take your gun apart to replace the blade because the cut-off blade is inside each replacement needle! This allows the best usage out of each needle. 

Replacement Needles to go along with our Tagging Gun (sold separately). 
An extremely durable tool for dependable, smooth and easy operation.

Available in Regular or Fine Fabric Replacement Needles

To remove and install the needle:

1. Place the needle guard over the needle or use a pair of leather glove to grasp the needle.

2. Turn the needle lock with the end of the lever pointing toward the front of the tool.

3. Slide the needle out of the tool .

4. Insert the needle with the long slot on the needle running parallel to the slot in the tool.

5. Once the needle is in place, turn the needle lock the end of the needle lock is facing toward the back of the tool. If lock does not turn you may not have the needle pushed in enough or you may need to turn the needle slightly.