$ 18.00 USD


  • A safe and effective way to bring hand washable textiles (i.e. vintage linens, quilts, clothing, laces and even wedding dresses) back to a state free of brown age stains while leaving the fabric with renewed color and vitality.
  • Does not cause fading. 
  • Removes stains related to water and smoke damage, mold, coffee, wine, blood, nicotine, babies, pets and perspiration. 

DIRECTIONS: *always check for colorfastness prior to starting*

  1. Wash and rinse the items to be treated to remove any surface dirt. Hand washing is best for vintage and delicate projects. We recommend RETRO WASH laundry powder, for all you hand washing needs, as well as every day machine washing. 
  2. Dissolve 3-4 TBS of Retro Clean granules in each gallon of warm water. Make enough solution to completely immerse the items. 
  3. Soak for up to 48 hrs, depending upon the degree of staining. Soak in the sunshine, if possible (it helps keep the water warm) to speed up the process. 
  4. Check and Stir periodically. (Make sure items remain immersed throughout the process.)
  5. Wash and rinse again after soaking to remover any residue left behind.