STEAMER by Jiffy


  • *Please complete this Rental Application & email to  This Agreement must be completed before any rentals are released.*
  • Flat rate rental up to 16 weeks = $ 66.00       
  • Longer than 16 weeks?? please call us to get a flat fee including extension.
  • *Loss & Damage: Customer is liable for up to 5x rental value, if items are lost or damaged.


  • If you would like to purchase a brand new steamer instead, it is $205


  •  The standard garment steamer for home or light commercial use with 1300 watts of power.  
  • Comes with cord plug, steam head, 5 1/2 ft flexible hose, and plastic 1 gallon water container.  
  • Voltage: 120 V 
  • Heats up in 1 minute 
  • Up to 2 hours of steam time per filling

 *please email or call us if you have any questions*

For Steamer Accessories/Parts please click here.

$ 66.00

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