$ 11.00 USD

Save the day with Stingray Instant Spot Remover

Also known as Clear Choice Multipurpose Cleaning Spray. Used by professionals around the world.

Instant results, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-magnetic, odor free & biodegradable. 

May be used for: Carpets, Colorfast Fabrics,  Laundry Pre-Spotter, Pet Stains,  Auto Interiors, Walls - Woodwork - Shoes (all Types) , Hats, Wine, Juice, Soda, Leather, Suede, Grout, Paint Brushes (water base), Aircraft, Tile, New Stains, Old Stains and more!

General Directions: Simply apply a generous amount on the spot, agitate with finger tips & blot with absorbent cloth. Repeat if necessary.

*Safe for the environment and pets*

Contains: 1 bottle /  Net Weight: 32 Oz.