$ 11.99 USD

Stops heels from sinking into grass

GoGoHeel’s patented taper design makes STOPPERS™ the best, most durable high heel protector for grass.

Works by increasing the surface area of your heel tip to diffuse pressure and provide extra stability. The reinforced base prevents your heel from poking through so you can reuse STOPPERS over and over again. Perfect for outdoor weddings.

  • Protects heels from dirt stains & damage
  • Protects wood floors from dents
  • Easily apply & remove without damaging heel
  • Fits all heel shapes
  • Anti-slip treads
  • Made in USA Made in USA

Includes: 1 pair (2 heel protectors)


Find the right size. Then, slip STOPPERS over your heel tip. Push it in all the way to secure in place. To Remove: Twist it off, like removing a wine cork.


  • Fits heel stems measuring 6-13 mm. To find the right size, see image #5 & #6
    • Measure your heel tip (not the rubber tipusing a ruler or measuring tape. Precisely measure to the nearest millimeter (mm).

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