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An extremely durable tool for dependable, smooth and easy tagging.

Use tagging gun for quick and easy garment labeling and tagging.

Available in: 

  • Regular (Standard)
  • Fine

*Tagging Gun Replacement Needles Sold Separately*

Fine Fabric and Standard barbs and needles are not interchangeable. You can only use fine fabric barbs and needles in fine fabric tools. You can only use Standard (Regular) barbs and needles in standard tagging guns.

One important thing to remember is that all tagging tools put a small hole in the fabric, so it is best to always test the fabric by putting the barb ( fastener) in an inconspicuous spot on the garment or simply put your barb through the size tag on the garment.

Standard/Regular tagging guns are used for general purpose tagging on garments such as stuffed animals, pillows, blue jeans, sweaters, sweatshirts, "T" shirts and products made from heavier nylons. The maximum thickness that a standard tag gun needle will tag completely through is 1/2".

Fine tag guns are used for the more delicate fabrics,but can also be used for tagging stuffed animals, sweatshirts, "T" shirts etc. The needle on the fine fabric tagging tools are approximately 50% smaller in diameter and about 1/4" shorter.The maximum thickness a fine fabric tool will tag completly throught is 1/4".

Always test the garment in an inconspicuous spot before tagging through a spot that will show on the garment.

When using a tagging tool:

Always use caution when tagging as tag gun needle are extremely sharp and can cause serious injury ! Protective leather gloves can help reduce the chance of being stuck with a needle.

Always replace the needle guard when you a finished tagging !

Gently push the "T" end of the fastener clip into the "T" slot in the top of the tagging tool as far as it will go.

Remove the plastic cover on the needle then squeeze the trigger to make sure the barbs are feeding through the tag gun properly. If the barbs do not feed, push down on the clip with a slight bit of pressure and squeeze the trigger at the same time.

Place a price tag over the needle then work the needle into the fabric until the tag and the fabric are pushed up against the front of the tag gun. Then simply squeeze the trigger, pull the tag gun away from the garment to withdraw the needle and to pull the barb from the other barbs on the clip.

 We like to stress squeezing the trigger as opposed to jerking the trigger.

If the tag gun starts to jam.......

1. Stop pulling the trigger !! Trying to force a jammed barb through a needle will damage your tag gun and render it useless!

2. Remove the needle and pull the barb out the back side of the needle.

3. Put the needle back into the tag gun or replace with a new one.

 To remove and install the needle:

1. Place the needle guard over the needle or use a pair of leather glove to grasp the needle.

2. Turn the needle lock with the end of the lever pointing toward the front of the tool.

3. Slide the needle out of the tool .

4. Insert the needle with the long slot on the needle running parallel to the slot in the tool.

5. Once the needle is in place, turn the needle lock the end of the needle lock is facing toward the back of the tool. If lock does not turn you may not have the needle pushed in enough or you may need to turn the needle slightly. 

Contains: 1 tagging gun per package