$ 14.00 USD

A combination of our favorite comfortable shoe insert pads – Ball-of-Foot, Heel Grips & Heel Cushions…

  • Talk to the Heel comfort pads are made from the patented, premium quality Poron® material.
  • Unique for its non bulky cushioning offering support, freedom from shifting, sliding, odor and perspiration.

Contains 1 pair each of the following: 

  • HEEL CUSHIONS - Every step is cushioned. Comfort heels by reducing friction, blisters and calluses.
  • BALL-OF-FOOT - Eases away pain in the ball of your foot. Keeps our feet from sliding forward in your high heels.
  • HEEL GRIPS - Adjusts the fit of your shoes, stops slipping and sliding, and eliminates rubbing and blisters.