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Stay Tucked with Tuck Kit, the original all-in-one tucking product made in an FDA-registered facility.

  • Two tucks per pack.
  • Swim-Proof, Gym-Proof, & Life-Proof.
  • Each single-use strip is designed for incredible comfort with a strong-but-gentle hold, and easy removal for as many as three bathroom breaks per wear.
  • Ultra breathable pre-cut rayon & cotton keep you clean, comfortable, and confidently tucked.
  • Wear your favorite feminine styles without a gaff and with no bulge.
  • Enjoy zero panty line under panties, lace lingerie, leggings, jeans, tight skirts, dresses, and bikinis.
  • Works best on clean, towel-dried skin that is free of oils, creams or lotions. T-Tape is tested to work well with up to 2mm of hair (thickness of 2 credit cards.)



Unboxing, Try on, and How To: Unclockable's Tuck Kit from Unclockable on Vimeo.